This section contains definitions of the various Organizations that inhabit the Freelance Explorer Indavo Universe.

The Confederation of Sentient Species

The Confederation, millennia ago, was the guardian of the entire galaxy. At that time it had 147 member races. The cream of the crop of the galaxy’s most advanced and most enlightened civilizations. The Confederation mediated disputes among non-member races, protected the weak, helped the unfortunate, and stopped all warfare in the galaxy. Ironically, its extra-galactic expedition program attracted the Corm’s attention. The Corm, seeing a threat, launched a war of annihilation against the Confederation. The war raged over three galaxies for what seemed like eternity. In the end the Corm were destroyed, but the confederation was left with three surviving member races. These three, the Lancen, Artherians and the Gorvarians have established a 500 light year sphere around Confederation space. No outsiders are allowed in and only the Exploration Corps is allowed to send ships out. The concept behind this is to allow the war weary populations to rest, rebuild and prepare for the Confederations eventual return to a troubled galaxy.
Confederation technology is more advanced than any other in the galaxy.


One of the member races of the Confederation, they are humanoid and were the last race to join the Confederation. It was with their help that Confederation scientists developed a hyperspace transference system capable of transporting a ship anywhere instantly. When the Vertilian warriors of the Confederation fell, the Gorvarians took up the task. They are the Confederations most populous members. They also have very long life spans. When most of the galaxies people mention the Confederation, they usually are think of the Gorvarians, as they are the most visible race. The rest of the galaxy views the Gorvarians as fierce, just warriors.


A highly xenophobic race of sulfur based life forms that were conquering their way across universe. They distrusted all carbon-based life, wiping them out at the slightest provocation and had no concept of good and evil. It was all about survival and what better way to survive than to control everything? They perceived the Confederation has a threat to that survival and started a war to destroy them. This backfired and after a long conflict the Corm were destroyed and their home galaxy (of which they were the only inhabitants) was set ablaze. How? Every planetary body was turned either into a sea of magma or a sea of flaming methane.
Gorvarians like to make sure.
However, the Corm have hidden away sleeper colonies in many galaxies across the universe, waiting . . .
A snippet of one of the countless battles the Confederation and the Corm fought can be viewed here.

Aur Trade Union

The Aur Union contains 23 Member worlds and many Colony and Trade planets. Many different species rank in its membership. It is mostly a commercial union that promotes trade and prosperity amongst its members. The Head of the Union is Regent Vantrion XXII. Regents are elected for terms of 23 years by the member worlds. The territories of the Pedgmac and Illonians bottleneck its space. Vallin 1 and Aurtoro are in the Union.
The planet Marganna is the capital of the Union.

Pirate Guild

There are various pirates groups and operations throughout the galaxy. These are loosely federated into a guild. The regional captains and not some supreme executive control most Pirate activity. The Kandusar Field Pirates are one of these groups that have been plaguing the Aur Union near Aurtoro.

Robot Cabal

Once a massive organization, that threatened to control 1/8 th of the galaxy, now is reduced to a collection of small cells of criminal robots trying to regain their former glory. The large mechanoid Warlord is the supreme leader of the Cabal.


A non-humanoid race, that does not like other races. In the past the Pedgmac and Illoians engaged in war. But in recent times they have been peaceful, even sending trade ships to Aurtoro and Vallin1.


A non-humanoid race, unlike the Pedgmac they have an embassy in the Aur union. They have not engaged in warfare for thousands of years.


The EPIC Corporation is not a real corporation at all. It is merely the front for the machinations of the Immortal Emperor and the people of Cairn. Their goal is to establish a phantom empire of worlds secretly ruled by the Immortal Emperor.