This is the Promo convention banner for Indavo 2.0 or Indavo 2012 or whatever name it finally ends up with! This banner will debut at the Cape Comic Con, April 20, 21!

As you can see the new Indavo series will be a bit more toward the representational end of the comic spectrum and employ cell shading(instead of the hard airbrush style for the past). I almost went stylistically toward the opposition end to a more cartoony/Johji Manabe Manga style. (I’ll post those sketches at a later date!)

Here we see Indavo &┬áRacheal in their new armor suits, as well as Gauron T’s new configuration. Bax is also ready to return (remember to think of Cykill’s voice when reading his dialogue!) There seems to be a new robotic monster menace as well as a new Cyclopic Alien.

Indavo returns sometime in Fall 2012!