Many have been asking what lies on the horizon for me webcomic-wise.
This is the answer:

Shamus Stone – a film noir detective story set in 1946 Chicago. Watch this site for the start date and web address!
It should start on November 1st! That gives me a nice break and a good run up for plotting and creating that all important buffer!

It will probably update three times a week and run for a little over a year, if that update schedule holds.
I hope that the reader will try to figure out the mystery along the way. So, it’s on me to make a mystery that’s not so easy everyone has it figured out in two pages or so complex everyone is scratching thier heads at the resolution.

Our detective on the right is Shamus Stone, a former Naval Integence officer turned P.I.

At the top on the left is Dieter Gerwachaus, a retired German impressionist film director.

Next is the hot-headed gangster, Johnny “Whitesuit” Cavaletto

Under him is our femme fatal and former female lead in the “Cowboy Robo” film serial, Chloe Everhart.

And at the bottom is Karl Ernst, a troubled actor who played the villain in “Cowboy Robo” as well many other dubious character in many films.