Indavo3Indavo4Age: 30 (First Indavo series); 40 (Indavo 2.0)
Weight: 154 lbs.
Height: 5’ 10″
Race: Gorvarian

Good natured and inquisitive, Indavo tends to remain cheery and optimistic about the nature of the universe. It is his thirst for knowledge and adventure, which has led him to leave Gorvaria. Somewhat absent minded, he can focus on one thing at the expense of all else. He always attempts to avoid violence, but in most cases, he realizes it’s the only thing some beings respect and understand.
Being a Gorvarian, he has trouble sometimes understanding the motivations and cultures of some beings. Although he doesn’t understand things like crime, substance abuse and various other happenings, he does acknowledge their existence. Of course, he still rejects all these things.

Indavo attempted multiple times to enter the Exploration Corps Academy, but failed. Although he would have eventually gained admission, he grew impatient. His slight rebellious streak led him to repair an ancient, dilapidated exploration cruiser. He then snuck away from Confederation space and began his adventures in the Universe . . .


RachealRacheal2Age: 124 (First Indavo series); 134 (Indavo 2.0)
Weight: 119 lbs.
Height: 5’ 6″
Race: Gorvarian/Humanoid

Best described as “a very knowledgeable girl from the sticks”, she is very confident in her understanding of the universe. Having grown up in a primitive society, she has seen the worse side of civilization. It was her knowledge of other life in the universe that helped her stay optimistic about life. Racheal has a very playful personality; she greatly enjoys ribbing Indavo. It may be because of this that Gauron T actually seems to like her.

Racheal grew up on a primitive world, in a medieval society located there. Her Mother was a native and her Father was a marooned Gorvarian. Her mother died shortly after Racheal was born, leaving her father to raise her. From a very early age, Racheal was instructed by her Father on the technologies and cultures of the universe. The primitive natives saw him as a wizard and Racheal inherited this title when he died. She lived a simple life, until one day Indavo showed up out of the blue. After their meeting and subsequent adventure, Indavo offered to take her along on his wanderings. She accepted without hesitation.

Gauron T

GTAge: Approximately 50,000
Weight: 617 lbs.
Height: 8’
Race: Vertilian (Extinct Confederation Member) constructed robot.

Bad. Well, somewhat. Gauron T was built for war, but missed out on it. He was prone to violence and various other underworld dealings. That has changed. Often Gauron T is in a bad mood, irritated by the fact that Indavo now holds sway over him. Because of the Command Code Override, Gauron T’s base programming has taken over, concepts such as honor; loyalty and mercy are now part of his personality. This irks him to no end. He must obey Indavo, he doesn’t have to like him. The only way he is able to counter Indavo is with the occasional sarcastic quip. Strangely, Gauron T seems to like Racheal.

Gauron T was constructed by the Vertillian for the Confederation’s war against the Corm. He was never activated in time for it as the Transport he was stored on crashed on an obscure planet. Mysteriously activated some time later, he began as a for-hire warrior. He later joined the Robot Cabal and at it’s height, was a division leader. His interest in the Dragon’s Egg (an artifact of immense power) led him away from the Cabal. He has been a small time despot, trapped in another dimension, and most recently a gunrunner. It was while running guns that Indavo found him and decided to end Gauron T’s criminal life.

MAC (Maintenance Astrogation Computer)

Weight: N/A
Height: N/A
Race: Ship’s Computer/OS

Gorvarians tend to avoid using A.I., but in small ships they do sometimes install one. Because of the Gorvarians mistrust of A.I.s, Mac is somewhat dim and plodding.

All previous memories had already been deleted when Indavo began his restoration of the Adventurer.


DevoraAge: 26
Weight: 145 lbs.
Height: 5’ 10″
Race: Human – Cairn native

Don’t let her obvious assets, fool you. Devora is fiery and devious. She does not suffer fools well and has no patience for any one who is not a pirate. She dresses a provocatively as possible in order to distract her opponents from her true motives. That and it is hot in that control room . . .

Devora is Nervilant’s trusted First Officer and has been instrumental in helping him set up the Kandusor Field operation. In fact she is always pushing for the Raider Captains to go deeper in the trade lanes.
However, she is in truth an agent of the Immortal Emperor! In Indavo 2.0 she has taken to glowing quite a bit!


 YueinAge: 52
Weight: 195 lbs.
Height: 6’ 1″
Race: Human – Aur Union Citizen

Don’t let that permanent sour expression fool you, Yuein is really a great guy. He is highly observant and extremely intelligent. He gets extreme enjoyment from talking to Gauron T, this is mostly because Gauron T has been activated for so long and has seen so much.

Yuein is rumored to be from the Aur Union colony world “3Lambda”. At some point he moved to Aurtoro and opened a restaurant. But that’s more of a hobby, Yuein’s true love is information and history. So now he deals in information and gossip, more for the love of knowing than the love of money. Exactly how Yuein gets all of his information is a mystery. . .

Jenny Winthorp

JennyJenAge: 11 (First Indavo Series); 21 (Indavo 2.0)
Weight: 90 lbs. (First Indavo Series); 129 lbs. (Indavo 2.0)
Height: 4’ 9″ (First Indavo Series); 5′ 5″ (Indavo 2.0
Race: Humanoid – Aur Union Citizen

Jenny is a livewire. She is very precocious, inquisitive and tends to jump the gun a lot. However, she is a good kid. Although she’s being raised to take over the Midway Corporation, she values the freedom of space travel. Perhaps this is why, she idolizes Indavo and Racheal.

Jenny was born into the Midway Corporation dynasty and will one day run this major corporation. She has completed her schooling and is learning about the trade lanes and security. She has been under the watchful eye of Drebber, her tutor/minder. Although highly suspicious of Indavo at first, he becomes an role model for her after the defeat of the Raiders. She dreams to one day travel the stars as a free agent. In Indavo 2.0, she learns to be careful what you wish for.

Duccard Drebber

 DrebberAge: 37
Weight: 220 lbs.
Height: 6’ 6″
Race: Human

Drebber is intelligent, but somewhat spacey. He has a very dry and calm demeanor. Most other people would become a nervous wreck trying to keep up with Jenny, but not Drebber. He takes it all in stride.
He has a thing for Waterfoul.

Drebber was born on Marganna, a member world in the Aur union. He served in the Aur Union Space Forces, before studying to become a Corporate Space Trainer. He currently works for the Midway Corporation, where he tries to keep Jenny from blasting innocent space explorers and serves as Captian of the “Space Duck”  . . .er  . . . Star Swan. A family man, Drebber is married and has a young daughter named Hennie.


 TamaraAge: 23
Weight: 126 lbs.
Height: 5′ 8″
Race: Human

Tamara is flirty, mischievous and strongly opinionated. Like her father, she has a knack for learning the inside information. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and City.

Born on Aurtoro, she grew up in her father’s restaurant, where she tired to take up cooking. Yuein decided she wasn’t doing so good as a cook, so he suggested she try the information business. After, some food poisoning incidents, she agreed. Yuein taught her everything he knew, and she took over the running of the Vallin 1 end of the operation.


BaxAge: Approximately 50,000
Weight: 669 lbs.
Height: 7’3″
Race: robot of unknown manufacture

Bax is remorseless, cruel and violent. All the traits needed to excel in the Robot Cabal. He despises non-robots and loves commanding troops in battle. Bax and Gauron T have been at each others meta-processors for eons.


Bax has been operational at least as long as Gauron T has. They severed together in the Cabal during the height of it’s power. This was the time of the Robot Insurrection. Bax was Gauron T’s superior officer in the conflict. Bax’s goal was the destruction of the Gelic capital. This goal was undermined by Gauron T, as he was only in the Cabal to seize the Dragon’s Egg rom the Gelic Treasury. With Gauron T & his followers departure the Cabal and Bax lost the conflict. Bax never forgave him for that, as he never got that update. Now the shattered remains of the once mighty Cabal have been reduced to petty crime and mob activities to remain operational. Recently, the Cabal has been given new technology and now stands to once again become a powerful organization.

Gunner Max

GunnerMaxAge: 375
Weight: 510 lbs.
Height: 6’2″
Race: Military robot of unknown manufacture

Gunner Max is a Robot of few words. He clearly does have a thing for big guns.

Gunner Max was discovered by the Cabal lying rusting in an ancient battlefield. The Cabal restored him and now he uses gunnery skills in their service. The people and war for which he was built for are long forgotten.


TorcusAge: 988
Weight: 756 lbs.
Height: 8’ 5″
Race: Law Enforcement Robot

By the Book, best describes how Torcus does everthing. He is driven by a strong sense of Justice and right. He does feel that the law sometimes does not serve Justice well enough. He still obeys it to the letter, after all it’s the Law.

Constructed to combat the rise in robot crime after the Robot Insurrection. He has been at odds with the Robot Cabal and Garuon T for as long as he’s been activate. He is currently a Commander in the Robotic Law Enforcement organization.


the Time Traveler
in the Big Hat

Weight: 216 lbs.
Height: 6’ 6″
Race: Human – Native a cold high place overlooking the Universe
(New Jersey)

This guy seems always to have that mirthful, knowing grin. But his true personality is one of confident smarm. Nevertheless, he is a master manipulator.

He is know to have been involved in many events; the Robot Insurrection on Nalif, the Dimension Gate Deactivation in the Santo system, the Hundred Worlds conflict and the Dragon’s Egg Debacle just to name a few. Whether he is working for some sort of temporal agency or acting on personal whim is a matter of fierce debate. In truth he is an agent of the Time board, an agency that seeks to defend Universal causality, no matter who gets squashed in the process. This is known to all, whenever he goes trouble soon appears.