Indavo: Fiery Vengeance will be screened in its entirety, as a specially edited “movie” edition at the Cape Girardeau Comic Con on Sunday, April 23 at 1 p.m. in the Hall of Heroes! Door prizes and other fun will abound.
Shortly afterward Episode two will be available for viewing on Youtube. Thanks for keeping up with all this while the comic was on holiday. Next week, I will restart working on the webcomic side of Indavo, after 8 pages are done I will start posting once again! It’s been a lot of work, mind numbingly so, but I did enjoy my foray into the animated world. Who knows, Indavo might get another shot at animation one day, but for now I have two other projects along with the webcomic to do. Stay tuned!


So these episodes take place in between the last chapter and the next. Think of it as part of a “lost” season of Indavo adventures!