Episode 2 is now complete! Well, mostly. There is still a bit of tweaking to be done on the Soundtrack. Once again I used Music Maker MX, as I am not at all musically inclined.

The episode will premiere along with it’s predecessor, edited into a special movie format, at Cape Comic Con on Sunday, April 23 at 1 p.m. in the Hall of Heroes.
Shortly afterwards, I will upload the episode to Youtube and post it here!

I’m currently working on the digital pencils for the Fiery Vengeance Movie Poster. This is my first time using Clip Paint Pro (Nee Manga Studio) and I’m hoping I can make it turn out at least okay-ish!
I would like to use this program when I re-start Indavo’s webcomic. When will that be? Soon!Wk45_1