Oh, how I’ve fretted over this! I’ve started on the next Indavo animated feature and after due consideration I decided to put my full attention to creating this new animated Indavo project, instead of dividing my efforts between it and the comic. It was a very tough call, but there we are.

It’s especially important, as the animated story will take place between this latest Chapter and the next. In fact, I feel an entire animated season could take place in this time period, but that’s a bit too much for me to undertake.

Expect Weekly updates on progress! Below are a few images of the new Indavo spaceships which are 3D models that will be imported in Anime Studio and toon shaded. I hope it gives the production a bit of visual boost. Soon work will begin on environments and then it’s on to storyboarding and updating the Character rigs! I hope that both episodes can be completed within 9 months. After which the Indavo comic will resume!AdCruiser1AdfighterAdventureGenerator