Okay then. This is the first bloggy post of the new year. I’m going to make an effort to do more posting in the blog category in the lead-up to the Indavo return later this year.

Here we go.

From time-to-time, I’ve been asked if I have an idea as to how the characters in Indavo sound. The answer is sometimes. I have a hard time pinning down how Indavo or Racheal would sound, but the robots . . . ah yes, I have very definite ideas about those voices! A warning: If you don’t want to have the sound of the characters voice running through your head while you read Indavo, then you may want to stop right here. For those of you still reading, I’m going to assume you enjoy that sort of thing. (it is kinda fun.)

Gauron T

For the voice of Gauron T, I always imagined a low rumbling voice with a bit of a Trans-Atlantic clip. To get that we should mix to different characters, from two different TV series, but voiced by the same actor. Richard Newman voiced Phaeton in “Exosquad” and Rhinox in” Beast Wars Transformers”.



So think this:


(Boy, it’s hard to find a clip of this guy, he’s the green ‘bot! Again, if you enjoy this then check out Beast Wars on Netflix of Amazon or the store of your choice!)

And you have what I imagine to be Gauron T’s voice.


Gauron T’s semi-nemesis Bax is much easier. Although some have described Bax as the love-child of Straxus and Cosmos, I cannot but think of Bernard Erhard, who voiced Cy-kill in the” Challenge of the Gobots” for the voice of Bax!



(He’s the ‘bot with tires on his shoulders at about :21!)

So that’s the scoop on voices!

Now head over here to see if these ‘bots voices are in your head!