But the moment has been prepared for.

Indavo and Racheal head off into the cosmos for adventures yet untold!
This brings us to the end of the Indavo series. An end that I had planned out many years ago.

As for the future . . .who knows? Indavo may one day return to the intraweb for more mayhem!
As for this writing I have no firm plans for such a return, but I can’t conceive of Indavo not returning one day.
Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trek in Indaverse-style space adventure!

If you’re worried about facing Indavo-withdraw, why not re-read the whole thing from the beginning?
The archives will remain up and there will be various  blog posts as well as new Indavo images that will pop up here from time to time.
There is a convenient Page Tag Widget located on the left side of the site, that allows you to save your place in the archives.
Very handy for navigation the 900 + pages there.

See you out there!