And now my first in-depth con report.

I had a good time at the Cape Comic Con, this was my third year of attending. This was the first Con that I used my new banner.

And check out the Indavo wares on sale!

I did pretty well, met a lot of people, bought a few hard to find items. Alas the Con was bereft of any Doctor Who figures! Curses!

Brian Rhodes of Mike and the Ninjawas in attendance, complete with Ninja!

He’s an all around great guy and you should really check out his comic!

The fine people of Anime Midstream where there as well, but are in the process of dubbing the second volume of Raijin-oh! They use voice artist from the St. Louis area, as well as a few pros. It’s very well dubbed and a deliciously mad series. (Yes, I know some people like subs better, they do that as well, but I hate reading movies!)

I also ran into Wade Moore, an old acquaintance of mine, who now customizes action figures and shop dummies into Super heroes like Deadpool here. He and his awesome artist & brother, Brad Moore have a website here!

A lot of people thought, at first glance that Deadpool has a cosplayer. It was a little freaky, but awesome at the same time!

Speaking of Cosplayers there were quite a few there. (Many more than I can post!)
Here are a few:

I will be running some crazy deals at future cons and giving away posters to anyone who tells me they read Indavo online! First come, first serve, while supplies last!